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Alishan Naqvee
Member Since: 08th November 2005
Occupation: Lawyer
No of Articles: 2
About Me: Alishan Naqvee has substantial experience in areas of transactional law and dispute resolution. Alishan has represented various multinational corporations, Indian corporate and high net worth individuals in the areas of transactional law and dispute resolutions as well as has advised the government and regulatory authorities in legislations and policy drafting, finalisation and implementation. In addition to New Delhi, Alishan has personal working experience at different client locations throughout India, including in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai. Kolkatta and Chennai, which strengthens his capabilities to suggest and implement business solutions in consideration of specific local circumstances. AREA OF PRACTICE: Information Technology and Enabled Services, Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Corporate and Commercial, Labour and Employment, Real Estate, Litigation and Arbitration.


17th November 2009
The High Court of Delhi ("DHC") has on April 18, 2009, by a composite judgment allowing 26 writ petitions, held that no service tax can be levied on pure renting of immovable property for commercial purposes. While the judgment has been welcomed by mos...

Destination India - A Legal Synopsis

09th November 2005
DESTINATION INDIA A LEGAL SYNOPSIS By: Alishan Naqvee LexCounsel, Law Offices, New Delhi E-mail: CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Entry Strategy 2.1 Legal Entity 2.2 Options for C...