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Accident claims

After An Accident the Right Taxi Insurance Cover Can Be Invaluable

07th September 2010
If you are working as a cab driver then your vehicle is you livelihood, without out it you have no source of income. If you are involved in an accident then there is a chance that your vehicle may be out of action for a period of time. With the right taxi...
Author: Chris Roche
Business Law

Adding ‘Future Insurability’ to Your Life Insurance

13th August 2010
When setting up life insurance, you can choose any lump sum you would like. However as your situation changes over time you might find that you need a greater amount of life insurance (for example if you have had children or taken out a mortgage your need...
Author: cisamitesh
Estate Planning

What A Good Long Term Care Policy Should Include

12th August 2010
As long-term care costs continue to rise, long-term care insurance is becoming increasingly important as a source to pay for care. Long-term care insurance can help, but the contracts are notoriously confusing. The following are some tips to help you sor...
Author: Law Office of Sean D. Ethington
Accident claims

More Deer Related Accidents than Ever Before

06th August 2010
In an extra-ordinary set of statistics that highlight the importance of UK breakdown cover, figures have revealed that there is currently a 6% yearly increase in the amount of accidents caused by collisions with Deer. In a survey obtained by the Telegr...
Author: Katrina Wagner
Accident claims

Workplace Accident Claims

05th August 2010
Staff who are unlucky enough to get caught up in workplace incident, which is not their fault, may possibly be capable to file for workplace incident statements, must they endure from workplace injury. An employee filing for compensation state must provid...
Author: Kriz Cruzado
Accident claims

4 Useful Tips to File a Car Accident Claim

21st May 2010
If you have been injured in a road accident or if your vehicle has been injured in a car accident then chances are that you plan to file for compensation. To ensure that you get 100 percent compensation you will need to keep a few tips in mind while you f...
Author: Lindsay Nolan
Employment Law

File Your Case In Time With The Help Of The New York Workers Compensation Lawyer

18th March 2010
If you are an employee in New York you must be aware that nearly all employees of New York are entitled to be covered by the compensation insurance of the workers. Under this law, you can seek for compensation from your employer. The employer would have t...
Author: Ima Johnson

Attendant Care Rates Under Michigan No-Fault Insurance Laws

11th March 2010
Michigan car accident victims are entitled to receive "attendant care service benefits" under the Michigan No-Fault Insurance laws. These benefits provide payments to a person or agency for attending to the injured person during his or her period of recov...
Author: LBuckfire
Personal Injury

Settling a Personal Injury Claim

11th February 2010
There are many benefits to settling a personal injury claim. However, claims should only be settled when it is the prudent thing to do, namely if there are no long term or permanent injuries. In order to effectively understand the settlement process, your...
Author: Jason Lundberg
Accident claims

Road Traffic Accident Claim

07th December 2009
ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT CLAIM- Easigo will save you money and handle everything! SUMMARY. If you need to make a road traffic accident claim, there are a number of points you should consider, when deciding which claims company to use, or whether to claim...
Author: caroline

Attendant Care Benefits and Michigan No-Fault Insurance

18th November 2009
Oftentimes, a person sustains serious injuries as a result of an auto accident, which renders him or her unable to do things that he or she was able to do prior to being injured. Sometimes, the injured person requires professional agencies to care for him...
Author: LBuckfire
No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee – What Everybody Ought to Know about No Win No Fee Claims

21st June 2009
Unless you have been living in a sound-proof chamber in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, you will be aware of the ‘no win no fee claims' ads which currently crowd our airwaves. However, while the term ‘no win no fee' is now commonly recognised, mo...
Author: Jessica Parker

Divorce and Auto Insurance: Is Your Child Covered For A Future Accident?

03rd December 2008
Here's a typical and all too familiar scenario. Months or years after your divorce, you hand the car keys to your minor child, who negligently wrecks the car and seriously injures another motorist. You promptly turn the claim into your insurer, thinking t...
Author: Brian R.Wilson

6 Ways to Challenge An Insurer's Denial of Your (Late) Notice of Claim

01st September 2008
Copyright (c) 2008 Law Offices of Jonathan Cooper In our prior article entitled "5 Rules to Succeed in Filing an Insurance Claim," we provided tips to avoid some of the insurance industry's favorite gambits for denying rightful claims, including the in...
Author: Jonathan Cooper


08th June 2006
Fraud Fraud is generally defined as the intentional use of deceit, a trick or some dishonest means to deprive another of his/her/its money, property or a legal right. Quite often there are several persons involved in a scheme to commit fraud and each a...
Author: Darren Kavinoky
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