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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Compensation Claim Is Necessary: Why?

06th October 2009
Everyday we hear so many stories of injuries and accidents. The news always show cases of such stories. The newspapers front pages have people dying, reporting terrible accidents and losing mental stability. Some accidents are not in our control; but for ...
Author: saragray

Can I Make A Personal Injury Claim Even If The Road Traffic Accident Was My Fault?

27th June 2009
In road traffic accident the key factor is to determine is whose fault it was. If the other party was at fault, then it becomes an open and shut case. You can file a claim for personal injury and get full compensation. But what happens in case both partie...
Author: David Halbert
Personal Injury

Compensation claims: a 7-step guide to the personal injury claims process

21st June 2009
You can make a personal injury claim in the UK on a no win, no fee basis. But how do these personal injury claims really work, and what are the possible outcomes? Here is a brief outline of the claims process you will go through if you choose to make ...
Author: Jessica Parker

Defamation Personal Injury Claim Compensation

15th April 2009
A lot of people, upon hearing the utterance of the word 'defaming,' naturally assume that the term is exclusive to people that have some sort of elevated public profile: they assume that to be defamed, it is necessary, firstly, to be famous. This is not t...
Author: Nigel Thomas
Personal Injury

Personal injury claims in the UK

27th March 2009
Personal injury claims are commonly reffered to as whiplash claims or accident claims in the UK. Personal injury generally consist of back neck and shoulder injuries. Usually caused by a car or motorbike accident or accidents at work this includes wor...
Author: KP
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