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The Absurdity of Taxing Individual Effort

11th March 2010
Taxation is one of those issues that is rarely questioned in a fundamental sense. We are born. We are taxed. We die. That appears to be the attitude. But taxation is a function of government and government is a matter of public habit and acceptance.We wer...
Author: David MacGregor

How to Get Divorced Quickly

22nd December 2009
A long and protracted divorce or matrimonial litigation is a great harassment to the parties of the dispute. Without a proper plan, many people commit mistake when getting divorced and ultimately fail and suffer serious stressful situation. Many people, a...
Author: Gregory Bridges
Copyright & Trademark

Powerful copywriting enters people into a certain zone.

26th October 2009
I'll Put Images In Your Head, Like It Or Not Their minds go into an auto-pilot 'mental picture' mode.. As you read, your mind starts putting together pictures, to imagine your product or service. So when you read the words: "A horse riding ranch set o...
Author: jsolutions010

Estimated taxes – planning for 2nd quarter Alternative Minimum Tax payments due June 15

13th June 2009
The second quarter for estimated tax purposes actually is a bit of a misnomer. The "quarter" consists of taxes for the months of April and May alone, unlike a normal three-month quarter. In any event, these estimated taxes must be paid by next Monday, Ju...
Author: kinal
Family Law

What to Do Before Saying “I Do”: Six Tips For A Prenuptial Agreement

18th May 2009
Considering a prenuptial agreement before getting married may seem unromantic, but considering such an agreement can mean that both parties are entering into a marriage with their assets protected. It helps simplify matters, so a couple can just focus on ...
Author: mgordon
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