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Personal Injury Lawyers are Protectors of Legal Rights

04th October 2011
Personal injury lawsuits are filed because of a person’s negligence. The injury caused by the person’s negligence may either be physical or emotional. Personal injuries include slip and fall, automobile accidents, assaults and battery, medical malpractice...
Author: ethanrehman
Criminal Law

Simple Solutions To the Issue Of Identity Theft

26th March 2010
We all know that identity theft is an ever-increasing problem in our society. Yet, there are solutions to the chaos created by identity theft. After first understanding how this crime can impact your own life, there are several steps you can take to resol...
Author: lisa lucero

‘After School’ Bankruptcy: Obtaining your Transcript

28th September 2009
A surprisingly common scenario is as follows: You recently attended, and maybe even graduated from, a college or university that is now holding your transcript and other such official documents. Unfortunately, however, you have not been able to fulfill yo...
Author: David Romito

Dividing a House in a Texas Divorce Case

07th January 2009
Divorce - Should You Keep the House Determining whether and how to keep the house is frequently one of if not the biggest issue a spouse has in their divorce case. Oftentimes it is the most significant asset a couple holds and sometimes the only one wh...
Author: Joseph Carter