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Business Law

Small Business financing is your way to financial stability

19th October 2011
The best way for your business to succeed is by having a healthy cash flow. This will increase in the stability and financial security of the business. Once you understand how business financing works, you must consider whether or not you will qualify. It...
Author: Bernie Lemieux
Business Law

Giving solutions to your business financing problems-MBC

26th November 2010
Looking at the options for business financing loan in today’s market, one may need to know exactly the rates and terms of loan. Among the several reasons one might be looking for financing, some fundamental reasons are: starting a new business; expanding ...
Author: Bernie Lemieux
Real Estate Law

Commercial Real Estate Lenders

08th July 2010
Commercial lenders can provide financing programs for all types of income-producing and commercial properties. Financing can be secured for a variety of businesses: shopping centers, office buildings, apartments, health care facilities, etc. It is common ...
Author: Trent Lee

Tax Planning

16th April 2010
The common public does not welcome taxes with open arms, the reasons being ever-increasing financial burden and complexities associated with the tax laws. What certainly brings smiles is the income tax refund. This is free money. Rather than splurging mon...
Author: Timlonge Necker