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Trent Lee
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Real Estate Law

Commercial Real Estate Lenders

08th July 2010
Commercial lenders can provide financing programs for all types of income-producing and commercial properties. Financing can be secured for a variety of businesses: shopping centers, office buildings, apartments, health care facilities, etc. It is common ...
Estate Planning

Estate Planning in Las Vegas

28th April 2010
Many Las Vegas citizens are aware of the drawbacks of not developing a will or estate plan in place. A number of estate planning pitfalls could in addition arise by means of inadaquate estate planning on behalf of someone who by now has a will or is think...
Estate Planning

Is a Las Vegas Estate Planning Attorney right for you?

13th April 2010
When you are ready to start thinking about estate planning, you need to have a good estate planning attorney to help you. As with all aspects of law, it is nearly impossibly to do it yourself properly, especially when it comes to a topic such as estate pl...