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Is loan agreement legal contract between lender and borrower?

15th March 2012
A loan agreement is a legal contract between lender and borrower. A loan agreement records the terms and conditions of the loan. It is not necessary that loan agreement must be in written form but the courts prefer the written agreement. It is paramount t...
Author: Robert Mark

If you should accept the very first whiplash injuries claim proposal

28th September 2011
Should you agree to the initial whiplash injury claim deal Our insurance industry in the UK has become quite skilful at resolving whiplash injury claims because of a surge of litigation cases which to this day continues to increase month on month.One par...
Author: YogiAcevedo

Tax Rebate

27th September 2011
If you are looking for a tax rebate due to incompetency and unsatisfactory service, is on hand to assist you every step of the way! We offer a level of support that is unsurpassed, and our standard of customer care is exceptional! Our t...
Author: Henry James

The Best Divorce Lawyers in Greensboro NC

22nd June 2011
Home loan Payoff (even though some might debate this, most advisors use this) Adjustment Time period (usually one particular ages wage) Schooling Fund ((Personal College expenditures till graduation when relevant and/or total college costs) X # of You...
Author: Benjamin Greer
Family Law

10 Random Family Law and Divorce FAQS

08th June 2011
Family law encompasses a wide range of family related issues including prenuptial agreements, adoption, child custody and visitation and divorce to just name a few. In our modern society one doesn't have to look further than the media to see the complicat...
Author: Ashley Hahn
Personal Injury

Pursuing Legal Action for Motorcycle Accidents

18th May 2011
Motorcycle accidents are some of the most dangerous mishaps on the road. Majority of these encounters lead to injuries, or worse, even death. Since a motorized bike is an open vehicle, the possibility for sustaining injuries when an accident occurs is hig...
Author: stephenschaunt

How to Pay out Again Taxes in five Measures

18th May 2011
IRS and State back again taxes can cause considerable economic strain so if you are taking into consideration locating a way to pay them you are producing a clever decision since each and every day that goes by will lead to a lot more penalties and curios...
Author: worminto65
Business Law

Equity Release Schemes

09th May 2011
The wide world of Equity Release can be confusing. Going down the wrong path when choosing Equity Release Schemes could cost you considerably in the long run so before you go down the route of Equity Release you must ensure you are aware of the Equity Rel...
Author: Henry James
Family Law

A General Overview on Family Law in Jacksonville

20th January 2011
Family law is an umbrella term for all legal proceedings that involve family-related and domestic issues. In the United States, this is the busiest and most crowded of all court dockets. High demand for legal rulings and resolutions of family law issues i...
Author: michellegillett
Family Law

Family Lawyers on Spousal Maintenance

06th October 2010
Spousal MaintenanceAfter separation there is no automatic right to obtain or even a duty to commit spousal maintenance.The Family Law Act presents that one party to the marriage is liable to keep the other party to the relationship to the level that cer...
Author: Dinah Prescott

Tax Debt Help Tips How to Settle Your IRS Tax Debt for Less

24th September 2010
The Benefits of Settling Your Tax Debt - The first and obvious benefit of settling your IRS tax debt is saving money. IRS tax debt settlements have the potential to save you thousands of dollars. Secondly, IRS settlements quickly take care of your tax deb...
Author: Rusty Kelly
Accident claims

Accident Claims Helpline - Fatal Accidents

15th September 2010
For many of us the loss of a family member can be a completely overwhelming experience. The immense grief and shock can make it difficult to cope especially if the loss adds financial strain to the family situation. If the fatal accident occurred due t...
Author: Accident Claims Helpline
Business Law

Adding ‘Future Insurability’ to Your Life Insurance

13th August 2010
When setting up life insurance, you can choose any lump sum you would like. However as your situation changes over time you might find that you need a greater amount of life insurance (for example if you have had children or taken out a mortgage your need...
Author: cisamitesh
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Versus Debt Consolidation: A Clear Choice

24th June 2010
A recent New York Times article exposed the grave pitfalls consumers are facing, lured by debt consolidation companies that advertise aggressively. The pitch is simple: "Don't file bankruptcy. Instead, pay money to the debt negotiation company, which ...
Author: Justin Baxter

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) Law

02nd June 2010
The law on Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) is now firmly part of the range of remedies available to someone with significant debt problems. An individual consumer, or self employed person, with unsecured debts - usually greater than at least £120...
Author: Rich Spencer-Hayes
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