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Real Estate Law

Things that would help you establish your real estate business

20th June 2011
Before entering into the business of real estate you need to understand the basic principles of this world that govern every sphere whether it is related to construction of a new house, sale or resale of already constructed house or hiring property on lea...
Author: realpanam
Employment Law

Termination of employments by mutual consent according to Dutch law

22nd March 2010
Since the change of the unemployment insurance act in 2006, Dutch employment contracts can be terminated by mutual consent without loss of benefits. However, there are some conditions the termination contract needs to meet. Only under certain circumstance...
Author: carol

Survive Divorce

11th December 2009
Divorce can come about give to a very complaining spit in the sphere of help of children and their parents to range through. It is of talented consequence in the sphere of help of both parents to understand this or else to boot preliminary each divorce pr...
Author: Jonathan Levy
Copyright & Trademark

The Ins and Outs of Copyright Violations

01st April 2009
Copyright infringement is a hot button issue for anyone whose work might be termed "intellectual property." Working within the creative sphere, anyone who finishes a piece of work and can be said to have "created" it, will justifiably have reason to compl...
Author: mgordon