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Business Law

The prevention of work accident

04th August 2011
Work Accident is an unexpected accident causing losses of properties, body injuries, disabilities and even death. Work Accident is accidents occurred due to the employment relationship, (happen for a job or perform a job). The conception of work accid...
Author: rachel moss
Accident claims

Accident Claims Helpline - Upper Body Injuries

15th September 2010
Injuries to the upper body can include injuries to the arms, neck, chest, upper back, head, brain and the eyes. Because your arms are used all the time, for all manner of tasks, they are one of the easier body parts to injure. Arm injuries can include ...
Author: Accident Claims Helpline
Immigration Law

When should I take the Naturalization test?

10th August 2010
In order to qualify for U.S. citizenship, almost all applicants are required to take an English language test and a Civics test. Generally, applicants must establish to the satisfaction of the interviewing officer that they are able to read, write and spe...
Author: Paul Anderson
Accident claims

Am I Entitled to Monetary Compensation for Accidents and Injuries in Colorado?

30th March 2010
Copyright (c) 2010 Chuck Matthews If you have been the victim of an accident or injury in Colorado, you may be entitled to receive economic recovery from those who are at fault. What you will be able to recover, if anything, will depend on the circums...
Author: customerparadigm
Medical Malpractice

19th March 2010
There are indeed a lot of questions which patients should ask before getting into the tedious battle of filing a claim against a negligent medical professional. Some of these questions could be very practical but the lack of knowledge and training for the...
Author: Ima Johnson

Disabled Veteran Tax Exemptions in Texas

20th August 2009
In Texas a disabled veteran's tax exemption is not the same as a disabled person's tax exemption. To receive a disabled veteran tax exemption, you must be either a veteran who was disabled while serving with the U.S. armed forces or the surviving spou...
Author: Patrick OConnor

What is an "Infant Compromise"?

25th April 2008
The N.Y.S. Unified Court System, in its on-line Glossary of Legal Terms (see has the following definition: Infant's compromise: a civil proceeding or motion for obtaining court approval of the...
Author: Gary Rosenberg