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Immigration Law

EB-5 Visas For Foreign Investors: Investment Options

19th September 2011
The political climate and economic downturn in the United States have made the EB-5 investment visa an increasingly popular option for wealthy foreign nationals seeking permanent resident status in the U.S. For seeking a permanent residency visa through i...
Author: Joe Sloboda

Common Defense Strategies Used By Criminal Defense Attorneys

24th May 2011
As a criminal defense attorney, it is your job to defend each client to the best of your ability, presenting valid arguments and defense strategies in a multitude of situations. The charges for two cases may be exactly the same, but this does not by any m...
Author: William Bly

Beware of the Taxman: What Small Businesses and the Self-Employed Can Do To Avoid An IRS Audit

15th April 2011
Watch out. The Internal Revenue Service reported early this year that IRS audits were up. Frankly, it's not real surprising. It's during hard times that taxpayers feel the pinch and are more likely to cut corners. Likewise, as tax revenue goes down, the g...
Author: Edward Gonzalez, Esq.
Immigration Law

Immigration Law - The Criterion of US Citizenship

31st March 2011
The united states of America may be the envy of your planet because of the independence and luxuries obtainable to all of our citizens. Most foreign nations are incapable or reluctant to supply comparable possibilities to its citizens because the United s...
Author: Nathaniel Stevens
Medical Malpractice

Defending Medical Malpractice Claims

18th March 2011
If you are in a high-risk profession, like that of a doctor or nurse, you may have to face malpractice and liability claims. How do you handle such cases? What do you do to avoid paying hefty sums as damages? Well, the first thing to do is get in touch wi...
Author: Jorjina
Internet Law

Top 10 issues for Patent Litigation in 2011

10th February 2011
The end of the year is the time for top 10 lists. Here, in no particular order, are my top 10 issues for patent litigators in 2011. 10. Microsoft Corp v. i4i Ltd. Partnership., and the clear and convincing evidence standard where the defendant relies o...
Author: Brandon Baum
Personal Injury

Handling an Injury Suit with Legal Aid

08th January 2011
How does a personal injury lawsuit work in your city? Whether it is car accident or a workplace mishap in Orlando, if another individual or organization is responsible for the injuries, you have the right to file a case as per Florida tort laws. However, ...
Author: Jorjina


20th October 2010
In a recent case of SNF (Australia) Pty Ltd v. Commissioner of Taxation [2010] FCA 635 which dealt with a transfer pricing issue, the tax payer was successful in proving that the prices paid under the contested transactions were arm's length prices. The t...
Author: Kyle

Appealing Your Property Taxes

25th August 2010
How To Request Binding Arbitration Thousands of Texas homeowners will go through the property tax appeal process this year because the appraisal district incorrectly assessed their home's value. Sometimes getting a satisfactory reduction takes some tim...
Author: Patrick O Connor
Real Estate Law

The Pending Real Estate Litigation Standard in Arizona

21st July 2010
When filing a lawsuit for specific performance for the sale of a home or other real property contract, buyers often employ the standard legal tactic of contemporaneously recording a notice of lis pendens (lis pendens is Latin for "pending litigation") wit...
Author: Christopher
Medical Malpractice

What You Should Know About a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

04th May 2010
Let's look at a somewhat standard case of medical malpractice--a woman heads into a delivery room for what is expected to be a very straightforward delivery. Somehow there is a serious problem during the process and the child suffers a medical issue as th...
Author: Penelope Stone
Personal Injury

The Beauty of the Personal Injury Law

31st March 2010
When accidents cause injury to a particular person as well as to their relatives and friends then they can rely on the personal injury law for support. Most of the time these injuries can be caused by catastrophic accidents and sometimes these can lead to...
Author: Luz Braun

Offshore Asset Protection Trust

31st March 2010
Offshore Asset Protection Trust's [OAPT] are effective barriers against creditor's claims because the laws of certain offshore trust havens make it much more difficult for creditors to obtain jurisdiction over, or to levy against, a OAPT, even if the sett...
Estate Planning

Gifting of LLC / FLP Interests to Family Members - Timing is Everything

26th March 2010
The IRS has never liked valuation discounts (for lack of control and marketability) and has attempted to attack gifts of limited liability company (LLC) and family limited partnership (FLP) interests under several theories over the years and with varying ...
Author: Julius Giarmarco, Esq.
Criminal Law

Felony Charges – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Law

25th March 2010
A felony charge is a serious matter that should never be taken lightly. If you have been charged with a felony, it is important to learn what you can about your circumstances and contact an attorney. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions p...
Author: Penelope Stone
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