What You Should Know About a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

04th May 2010
By Penelope Stone in Medical Malpractice
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Let's look at a somewhat standard case of medical malpractice--a woman heads into a delivery room for what is expected to be a very straightforward delivery. Somehow there is a serious problem during the process and the child suffers a medical issue as the result. The new parents will want to immediately contact a personal injury attorney to begin assessing if the medical issue with the baby is due to medical malpractice.

Why medical malpractice and not simply an accident? If the parents can show that the doctor did not do an adequate assessment of their particular birth scenario, and this is the reason that the problem during delivery occurred, it is a clear cut case of negligence. If they can also show that it was this negligence that led to harm to the newborn, they have a very clear demonstration of medical malpractice.

This would lead to some sort of financial compensation intended to respond to the financial, emotional, or physical harm from the event. As stated, however, the burden of proof rests on the plaintiffs in any case and it is up to them to gather the evidence adequate to proving negligence, harm, and the need for compensation.

Medical malpractice can fall under a lot of events or experiences. For instance, the patient whose physician failed repeatedly to identify a potentially harmful or even fatal illness through misdiagnosis can be sued for malpractice, or they can even be sued for a seriously delayed diagnosis too. There are cases which involve anesthesia problems, excessive hemorrhaging, and more.

Many experienced lawyers can help clients build their case, and they can often handle the issue through mediation rather than a full-blown courtroom battle. The first step is to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as the issue has occurred as they will be able to prevent the guilty parties from absolving themselves of blame or liability.

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