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The Joy of An Ex - Challenges for Divorcing Couples 55 +

05th January 2012
Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Although the divorce rate among couples over the age of 50 is traditionally low, it has been steadily rising in the last l0 or so years, especially for those 50-59 years of age. The reduction of social stigma and the i...
Author: Jackie Rahmler
Business Law

Business startup funding thrives today and finances your business's future.

21st June 2011
There are a lot of reasons that a business may be looking for funding. There are businesses owners who need particular grant or provide particular services. If you are just starting your enterprise then you could need to have startup funds. If your busine...
Author: Bernie Lemieux
Accident claims

The Policy Context

04th May 2011
The planning and development of the national board occurred at a time when the value of challenging and meaningful standards for students was being recognized as a critical strategy for education reform. The logic behind the national board's strategy was ...
Author: monic atsfbd

Make a Christmas charity donation

24th January 2011
Christmas means different things to different people. For some, itís a religious holiday. For others, itís about celebrating the end of year festivities with families and friends. But regardless of how or why you celebrate, thereís something special abou...
Author: Scott Jamieson
Internet Law

24/7 Software: Software as a Service and privacy concerns

16th December 2010
Software as a Service: Why it works One of my favorite things is getting a new gadget. I bought the Apple iPad and the Apple Iphone 4.0 on the day they came out. Both were inevitable purchases, as I saw how each could make a significant impact in how I...
Author: Aaron Kelly

OTSís review will focus on more than just IR35

16th November 2010
The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) is reviewing small business taxation which covers more than just IR35. Although much of the limelight surrounding the review has fixed itself on the infamous IR35, small business taxation covers a broader range of el...
Author: Alex Askew
Internet Law

How to Detect Click Fraud for Small Business Websites

19th April 2010
It's important to stay calm and rational when trying to assess if your advertising campaigns are falling victim to click fraud. Not generating business through paid search is more often a result of poor campaign set up or bad management rather than a mali...
Author: Rob Hartley

Tax Changes in the 2011 Budget Proposal

18th February 2010
If you check out the White House's budget webpage, you may be a bit confused. In large letters it states "A new era of responsibility - the 2011 budget." However, the subsequent budget calls for $1.6 trillion in deficit spending next year. It certainly ...
Author: downeycocpa

Leg Injury Compensation Claim Amounts - How Much Can I Claim?

29th April 2009
Whilst judging compensation amounts is entirely dependent on the individual circumstances of each individual's accident, publications such as the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines give some idea of the likely level of compensation a particular injury will...
Author: Neil Worrall - Camps Solicitors