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Divorce Mediation and Marriage Closure Therapy

02nd February 2012
A recent article published by Susan Bulfinch at focused on educating mediators to the benefits of “Marriage Closure Therapy” [MCT]. We at Liaise applaud and support this effort to increase the interface between mediators and family counselors...
Author: David-Stein
Personal Injury

Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney

12th August 2011
OurPersonal Injury Attorneys Provide Everything You Deserve...Our success allows us to be very particularin your accident and personal injury cases we take. Every case we accept we plan to winning! We give our personal injury clients that personal attenti...
Author: GaleHahn
Immigration Law

Health Insurance coverage For Immigrants

03rd March 2011
For new immigrants, understanding the medical care policies of their new nation may be a strange and complicated method. Medical insurance is typically pricey, and new immigrants will not have a wonderful deal of cash to begin their new lives with. Health...
Author: Avery Whitehead

How and When to Sign Up for Medicare Insurance: Seniors Who Turn 65 Need to Know

26th January 2011
Signing up for Medicare insurance when you turn 65 is a right of passage for many aging Americans. However, there is a limited window of opportunity to enroll in Medicare insurance without facing penalties such as a delay in coverage. That is why it is im...
Author: Alfred Winston

How Will your Taxes Change when Health Care Is Instituted?

02nd October 2010
Two health care reform bills became law in the United States in March of 2010. The first, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was enacted on March 23. This was then followed seven days later by another bill, The Health Care and Reconciliation A...
Author: High procs
Accident claims

Preparing for the initial consultation with an accident lawyer

11th June 2010
An accident may act as a hindrance to your personal and professional life. And when it happens because of no fault of yours, it is necessary that you seek justice. According to the US laws, any victim of an accident caused by the negligence or wrongdoing ...
Author: branson23
Accident claims

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Accident Lawsuits

05th May 2010
Car accident lawsuits are among the most common type of personal injury lawsuit. Below are answers to some of the most common questions that people have about car accident lawsuits. Q: How do I know if I have a case for a car accident lawsuit? A: In g...
Author: Penelope Stone
Personal Injury

Worker's Compensation Law 101

31st March 2010
Any person can greatly benefit with regard to a compensation law if this concept is present in their place of employment. Having any form of worker's compensation primarily provides the employees with a secured medical insurance claim if they will encount...
Author: Pamela Emerson

Stepping Into The World Of Child Support

24th December 2009
Have you ever stopped to consider what the words, "Child Support" really mean? Right away most of us probably think of money. And, yes, that's a major factor. But the money is simply a way of supporting your children among the many other ways you look aft...
Author: Lisa J. Peck