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Will the Prenuptial agreement protects all my current and future assets?

27th June 2012
Yes, pre nuptial agreement will protect all your current and future assets. It excludes the liabilities of the parties towards each other and the asset of the parties earned by before or after the marriage will remain the sole property of the individua...
Author: Clark_Taylor

Deciding Whether or Not to Divorce

01st December 2010
Divorce represents both the emotional and legal dissolution of a marriage. But divorce is not just a decision – it’s a process that occurs over time. The reasons for divorce are many (see, Why I Got Divorced) but the process of divorce often follows a...
Author: Johanna Nauraine

A “Successful” Divorce… Is It Possible, And What Does It Mean?

08th March 2010
Welcome to this exclusive article discussing the issue of divorce and what it means to achieve a "successful divorce". I know that can sound like a complete oxymoron, a contradiction… after all, how can a divorce be "successful"? We associate divorce...
Author: karlrisse