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Exclusive Use Provisions in Commercial Leases

27th January 2012
Tenants entering into commercial leases for retail shopping centers often request an exclusive use clause. An exclusive use provision is intended to protect a tenant from competitors who sell the same goods (i.e., no other bakeries in the shopping center...
Author: Laine T Wagenseller
Business Law

Relocations services are more than simply moving to a new place

09th May 2011
If you want to move to a new place, you would require the services of a removal and moving company. But, if you want that the company also provides services which can enable you to settle down at that place as well, then only moving and removal services w...
Author: GraceremovalsNZ
Business Law

Factors to Consider When Selecting Persian and Oriental Rugs

06th April 2011
Through this article, I will be revealing to you a number of factors that you will do well to consider before you choose a Persian or an Oriental rug. Shopping for these forms of furniture materials can be a very tricky business. If care is not taken, one...
Author: radem0123

Lawyer Colorado Are Expert In Handling Premises Liability Cases

30th March 2011
Premises liability litigation case arises when a person when visiting someone else’s property or premises gets severely injured and end up in hospital losing his income or even job for a long time. According to lawyer Colorado, the owner of a property i...
Author: amilli
Real Estate Law

Commercial Real Estate Lenders

08th July 2010
Commercial lenders can provide financing programs for all types of income-producing and commercial properties. Financing can be secured for a variety of businesses: shopping centers, office buildings, apartments, health care facilities, etc. It is common ...
Author: Trent Lee