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Business Law

San Diego County Credit Union CD Rates July 2011 Update

19th September 2011
San Diego County Credit Union, San Diego's largest locally owned financial institution. With over $5 billion in assets, San Diego County Credit Union is a not-for-profit credit union wholly owned and operated by its members. Unlike most other financial in...
Author: Hubert

A 101 on Tax Relief

21st April 2011
From time to time the government may possibly give specific exemptions on taxes that are getting levied. Tax relief can be in several kinds ranging from cash flow tax to services tax for people or industries. When there are several taxes to be compensated...
Author: joanne

Quick divorce without any issues

12th January 2011
Mediation has become so popular that you will not be able to move ahead with the divorce process with court of law as it is almost taking your precious life time to get divorce for you. This task is carried out in much ease with the help of mediation and ...
Author: andruenadal1

How to Buy a House For Back Taxes For $200 or Less

10th December 2010
Want to make a boatload of cash from property? Here's how to buy a house for back taxes. When you get it the right way (outside of tax sale), it can be virtually headache-free and very profitable. The steps below will have you buying tax property for $200...
Author: Maggie Dawson

How to Obtain an IRS Levy Release

16th November 2010
the first type of IRS levy is the IRS bank levy. You will know an IRS bank levy is imminent when you receive an IRS Notice via certified mail that reads, "Final Notice of Intent to Levy." After you receive this notice in the mail, the IRS bank levy can st...
Author: Keith Odom
Immigration Law

K1 visa - Bringing Your Fiancee to the USA on a Fiancee Visa

10th November 2010
K1 visa - Bringing Your Fiancee to the USA on a Fiancee Visa If you are an American citizen and you want to bring your fiance(e) to the United States of America, then you might be looking for a good company that can help you process the K1 visa. Well,...
Author: fianceevisa

Most Common SSD Mistakes to Avoid

27th October 2009
More than 60 percent of all Social Security Disability (SSD) claims are denied on the initial stage and about 80 percent are also denied on the reconsideration stage. This is usually because of the mistakes that the claimants made on their applications...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Australian Visa Cancellation

18th August 2009
Australian Visa Cancellation If you hold an Australian visa it is very important to understand the processes leading to possible visa cancellation, the powers under which a visa can be cancelled and the effect of visa cancellation in Australia. Intr...
Author: stewartcoulson