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The Death Trap

06th November 2012
What is a Road Accident? The dictionary defines a road accident as "an unexpected and undesirable event, a mishap unforeseen and without apparent cause.
Author: Mokoduo
Immigration Law

H-1B visas for professionals and college graduates

30th March 2011
Most aliens that come to the United States do so under a B-1 or B-2 visa as a visitor which gives visitors up to 6 months stay in the US. However due to the recent policy of disfavoring extensions of visitors status, extending once visitors visa is almost...
Author: bruceld9

How you can Apply for H1B Visa Extension?

04th March 2011
As of right now you will find a lot of choices which are open for anyone who wish to work temporarily in the United states on the H1B extension. There are numerous work classes that consist of intra-company transfer visa (L-1 visa), B-1 visa, H-2B visa, H...
Author: Al Kola

1031 Exchange and Tax Advantages

15th February 2011
A 1031 Exchange or Like Kind Exchange is defined by Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. This code specifies that if an asset (usually some form of real estate such asland or a building) is sold and the proceeds of the sale are then reinvested in...
Author: Brad Hess
Immigration Law

The DREAM Act Important Immigration Legislation

13th January 2011
Developing immigration reform policies are crucial. Based on data from the National Immigration Law Center, approximately 65,000 undocumented students graduate from U.S. high schools every year. These are young men and women who came to the United States ...
Author: Uncle Sam
Immigration Law

How to Apply for H1B Visa Extension?

15th November 2010
As of today there are so many options that are open for those who wish to work temporarily in the United States on a H1B extension. There are many work categories that include intra-company transfer visa (L-1 visa), B-1 visa, H-2B visa, H-3 visa, O-1 visa...
Author: Paul Anderson
Immigration Law


27th October 2010
Generally, people associated with the media industry such as entertainers, reporters, artists, and models have been invited to the United States on B1 or P Visa. The fact is that such performers and entertainers may come to the United States on many diffe...
Author: birbal
Bankruptcy Law

Waiting to File Bankruptcy

24th September 2010
Sometimes you have to wait before you are eligible to file for bankruptcy protection. If you’ve filed before, if you’ve recently move to Arizona from another state, you will need to abide by Arizona’s bankruptcy laws. It used to be that you could file ...
Author: Max Gunderson
Personal Injury

Explosive Fire and Burn Injury for the Youth

15th March 2010
Burn Injury: Degrees and Usual VictimsBurn injury involves damage to the skin or other parts of the body caused by different factors such as an explosive fire or contact with hot chemicals or objects. It can cause severe suffering to a person because it d...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

The Pediatrician's Role in Adoption

04th April 2006
The Pediatrician's Role in Adoption Mardie Caldwell COAP Daniel and Megan felt drawn to the little dark-haired child they had seen in the orphanage half way around the world, but they felt they had more questions than answers. "Where do we start?" M...
Author: Mardie Caldwell