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Employment Law - The Essentials

10th May 2011
Employment law covers the welfare and equality of employees in any work establishment. Strict guidelines and statutes outline exactly what an employer can and can't do in regards to the work environment and treatment of their employees. For most companies...
Author: JamieRock
Business Law

Connecting With Your Customers Through Your Brand Identity

04th May 2011
All that is symbolic of your business products, services and the brand it represents is the essence wrapped up in a logo-or the brand identity. How to connect with your customers through your brand identity? Your business is chiefly recognizable thr...
Author: Henrypeter
Personal Injury

Legal Help with Spinal Injuries

03rd February 2010
Probably one of the most life-altering and severe of personal injuries a person can suffer from is a spinal injury. While the level of injury, pain, and suffering can obviously differ from one case to another spinal injuries are nearly always permanent. ...
Author: SmithSEO