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Business Law

Social Network conventions? - a lesson for wireframes

27th June 2012
Apparently, social media websites are the “thing” nowadays, from the ever-present Facebook to the recently launched Pinterest in 2010. Even Microsoft is lanching the new Windows Social Network. But can Microsoft really succeed in this area? For thos...
Author: pidoco1
Internet Law

The Implications of MS Removal Tool

07th June 2011
MS Removal Tool is a new rogue antispyware which pretends to be a legitimate security program. It is a direct clone of System Tool and System Tool 2011. These malicious software applications were the hottest parasites in 2010. The user must delete MS Remo...
Author: Jang Linghan

Businesses Need A Good Tax Professional to Succeed

07th February 2011
You can probably ask any lawyer or accountant to give you legal advice or help you find a way out of your tax debt; but, they'll probably advise you to look for a specialist to help instead. Tax lawyers, licensed agents and CPAs know the tax laws, both fe...
Author: Phil Salazar

turbotax free tax filing

26th March 2010
tax preparationEach year millions of US citizens have their taxes prepared by a pro tax preparer. Having tax returned professionally prepared decreases the likelihood of errors being reported on a tax return ; however , professional tax preparation is of...
Author: turbo tax

Tax Tips That You Should Know

29th December 2009
Each one of us may dread what April 15 is all about. After all, nobody really cheerfully files his or her taxes what with all the complicated forms and computations that you have to make. However, there are some ways by which you can ensure that your tax ...
Author: harry slay