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Go through Singapore company registration details to set up your Singapore branch office

16th February 2011
Singapore is one of the most important business destinations in Asia. Unlike some of the other countries in other parts of the world, Singapore is not at all a tax haven where a foreign company establishes its entity for tax saving purposes. There are str...
Author: michaeltaylor
Bankruptcy Law

Entrepreneurs Guide to Forming a Company in Singapore

08th December 2010
In Singapore a foreign business organization can choose three business structures namely representative office, branch office, and subsidiary company. Each of these structures has its objective, benefits as well as drawbacks. Meanwhile, this is a guide...
Author: Mackie
Business Law

Key Differences Between the 3 Types of Singapore Company Formations

16th November 2010
There are a lot of advantages that businesses in Singapore would enjoy- advantages such as it is near major markets, the government is practical and reasonable, the benefits that foreign companies would enjoy in terms of taxes and corporate laws. These ar...
Author: zbenriquez
Bankruptcy Law

Singapore Business Registration for Foreign Individuals and Companies

16th November 2010
If you are a foreigner who is looking for basic information on how to start a Singapore company and establish a strong business presence, then you are absolutely on the right place for the right information. Today, Singapore is one of the leading financia...
Author: britannylemore

Destination India - A Legal Synopsis

09th November 2005
DESTINATION INDIA A LEGAL SYNOPSIS By: Alishan Naqvee LexCounsel, Law Offices, New Delhi E-mail: CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Entry Strategy 2.1 Legal Entity 2.2 Options for C...
Author: Alishan Naqvee