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Business Law

How difficult can medical claim filing and payment posting be?

20th September 2012
Hospitals, healthcare organizations and dentists have long been occupied with the issue of medical filing. The process of medical claim filing is overtly complex, requiring paper work, filing and adjudication. Moreover, with the introduction of new reform...
Author: Andersen Keen

Divorce Records available on Public Database Websites

16th March 2011
Whether you are looking for the divorce records of your would- be or recently got divorced, the government keeps the records of every divorce. These records of divorce and proceedings are available for public utilization. Though, these records are open f...
Author: Jenny
Business Law

Energy Saving High Speed Doors

02nd March 2011
Apart from generating large share of revenue, minimizing costs is also amongst the top most priorities for most companies. Various techniques are employed to achieve this target like saving energy, proper power usage, or minimizing wastes. Energy saving h...
Author: drs.shutterroller