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Stop Divorce Book

21st October 2009
By Ernestine in Divorce
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The consequences of divorce are far reaching. It touches the comfort of everyone in your family for years to come.

The children of the Parents who are in the process ofDivorce, never asked to be here. Contrary to popular believe that "God gave you your children" and that "God will provide" the truth is you and your partner created your children, and you must provide for them.

You must supply your children with a caring environment, from where they can grow and expand as fit human beings that will add worth to society as a whole.

Parents take accountability for your life, for your future and the wellbeing of your family as a whole and stop your separation now. Remember, not so long ago, there was a period that you invigorated each other.

Was it only five years back when your heart started jumping just from a thought of your partner? Maybe just ten years ago? That is a very short time ago if you think about the shocking and lifetime consequences of Divorce.

"The Magic of Making Up ebook", offer you all the help and direction you need to restore the exhilaration, the magnetism and thrill you once felt for each other.
You will learn how to bring laughter back into your relationship. And we all know that "Laughter is the closest distance between two people". Victor Borge

Laughter raises your mood and help with your innovative process of renewing and invigorating your relationship. When you can laugh together you can "win anything" together.

You will stop laughing at each other, instead you will start laughing with each other. You will stop combating each other and start nurturing your marriage, your future and your dreams.

When you succeed at your separation, you give-up far more than your house, dignity, or money. You yield your vision, your dream and when you sacrifice that you have lost everything.

Once you have lost your dream to be happy, you loose your purpose to live, the source of your happiness is gone. The effects of that leads to every social disgrace that is available, drugs, suicide, in short you loose your will to live and to live well.

"The Magic of Making Up ebook" gives you everything you need to make perception shifts, of yourself and past events. It is a common experience that when your perception shifts, everything else shifts too.

It will give you the wisdom to sustain strong relationships and to create all you crave from your relationship, yourself and your partner.

Everyone wants the book, because it's a step by step, in-depth game plan to stop your divorce, build confidence and trust in each other and to claim the ecstasy that is yours. Both of you will learn and grow from this "Advertise2win" attitude that teach you how to play to win, and steal back the hearts of your loved ones.

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