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Road Accident Claim

17th February 2011
By Zeeshan in Accident claims
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If you have a road accident claim, because the road was not your fault, you may think you will not lose out financially, if you use your own insurer, when making your accident claim. This is not true. Your insurer will charge you any agreed policy excess- even though the road accident was the other driverís fault. Also, unless you have fully comprehensive cover, you will not be supplied with a replacement car. If you only have third party cover, you will find that your own insurer will do nothing to help you with any accident claim- all they are interested in is not paying out any money .Use Easigo for your road accident claim!
Whatever your level of cover, your insurer will leave much of the running around up to you, when sorting your road accident claim. You will be expected to sort out any accident claim repair estimates, and your insurer will decide which garage fixes the car. Most insurers are not prepared to offer a cash in lieu of repairs option, for a road accident claim. Accident claim handling is the largest source of complaint amongst policy holders.

In contrast, Easigo accident claim look after all aspects of your road accident claim. We chase up the other driverís insurers, lend you a replacement vehicle, and permit you to select which repairer fixes your accident claim damage. We are also able to offer you a cash in lieu option, if we are handling the injury side of your road accident claim.
Easigo accident claim will arrange for your vehicle to be recovered, and it will be taken to a a secure accident claim compound, where a road accident claim assessor will prepare a report on the damage. Our engineers value accident claim vehicles at forecourt prices, and provide work estimates using manufacturerís figures and new parts only.
Compensation for a road accident claim is another area where Easigo offer a better service. We will organize a proper evaluation of your accident claim injuries, and can organize physiotherapy and other treatments, to help you recover from your road accident.
Easigoís road accident service charges no fees to its clients, all costs are recovered from the other driverís insurers. When it comes to a road accident claim, you are far better to rely on Easigo accident claim, than your own insurer!

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