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20th January 2011
By abnner in Accident claims
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If you accept a alley accident, which is not your fault, you may anticipate that every blow helpline offers the aforementioned akin and blazon of service. This is absolutely not true; you charge addition like Easigo to accomplish abiding that you will not lose out financially. This commodity looks at the assorted stages of a archetypal claims process, and outlines the capital advantages of application Easigo’s Blow Helpline rather than addition else’s or your insurers.

If your car has been abominably damaged, it will apparently be recovered, generally by a badge appointed garage, if it is causing a cartage obstruction. You will apparently be accustomed a lift home. Easigo will affirm that the blow was not your fault, in which case they will bear a backup agent to your home or abode of work. They will additionally adapt for your damaged car to be best up from the badge admixture and taken to an accustomed repairer. A blow address will be prepared, assessing whether it is repairable and additionally giving a backup amount if it is too abominably damaged.

If your car is still roadworthy, Easigo will adapt for it to be repaired at an accustomed garage, at a time which is adequate for you, and they will adapt to accommodate you a replacement, whilst castigation is off the road.

Our absolutely accomplished blow helpline agents will buzz you and aggregate the advice they charge to accomplish an blow claim. Because they accord anon with the added party’s insurers, there will be no aftereffect on your no claims bonus, nor will you accept to pay any action excess.

It is acerb recommended, no amount how ablaze your injuries may assume that you seek medical attention. This additionally serves to clearly almanac the actuality you accept been in a alley accident. It may able-bodied be that you crave some actual medical or dental treatment. This will be sorted by our blow helpline staff, application clinics adequate to

If appropriate, we will get your car repaired; until it is accessible you will be provided with a replacement. We can also, if preferred, get you banknote in lieu of the repair, so that you can opt to fix it yourself, and accumulate the difference. If your car is not repairable, you will be provided with a backup until the added affair has paid you the agreed backup value.

Apart from acclimation any advancing specialist treatment, such as physiotherapy, we will adapt for a medical report. This will be undertaken by a specialist, at a time and area adequate to you. Their address will be beatific to the added party’s insurers, and will anatomy the base of your blow claim.

Our blow helpline agents alone handles alley blow claims, so are able-bodied able to admonish if the advantage action is acceptable. If we feel it is too low, we will appeal for a bigger offer. It maybe that the specialist adviser has recommended some on-going physiotherapy; if so, this will be sorted..

At the aforementioned time as allocation added aspects of your blow advantage claim, we will balance such costs as absent wages, damaged items and biking costs. Our blow helpline agents can admonish you on best aspects of your claim; added advice is accessible from our acknowledged team.

Easigo blow Claims Company will attending afterwards every aspect of your car blow claim, from accepting you aback on the road, to accepting you the best medical analysis & advantage for your injuries. All our fees are recovered from the added party’s insurers. This agency that you get a 100% compensation, and pay no fees. It additionally agency you do not pay any allowance action excess, or lose your non claims bonus. Our blow helpline is accessible every day, and we are consistently able to help.

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