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Rollover Crash Kills Teen Immediately

08th February 2011
By Lewis Pitts in Accident claims
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Kayla McGrady died on the spot of a rollover crash at the Mile Hill stretch of the Suscon Road in Pittston Township. Kayla McGrady was fifteen many years aged and was from Wyoming Valley West Superior School. There were three persons in the vehicle during the accident and the female passenger and the boy have sustained nonfatal injuries. Their families are relieved they are Okay. This would have been a terrible way to commence off the New Yr and new decade if their cherished ones had been mortally or even severely wounded. But Kayla's spouse and children is in shocked state. This is the worst news they could have obtained. Coping with this important information is what is most challenging for any relatives unit.

Kayla McGrady Died of Traumatic Injuries

The street has been closed from equally sides and the police will be investigating further into the crash and drawing out a crash reconstruction style. There will not be any ruling or judgment relating to the method of death till the circumstance has been wholly investigated. The bring about of the crash could not be established and the investigation of witnesses is nonetheless underway. Kayla McGrady was severely injured and died on the spot just as the police arrived on the scene. Kayla McGrady was a sophomore at the Wyoming Valley West Great School and there was a moment of silence noticed on the basketball court for their student's and friend's demise.

They Know this Subject

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