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A Legitimate Directory Providing Information about Product Sources and Deals

22nd March 2012
By johnnathen7 in Business Law
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You are reading this article, so that probably means you are interested in subscribing to the service of In this review, we will answer all your questions regarding this directory and give you insight into what the directory has to offer you.

Wholesale Deals can do wonders for your online reselling business. The directory is a powerhouse of information that facilitates traders in forming beneficial associations with reliable businesses, making informed business decisions, and accessing the best product and dropship deals. Real users have given positive reviews, and they are asking traders to join this directory to enjoy its benefits.

Having said that, besides being so useful for trade buyers and sellers, nowadays, there are some fake review posts circulating on the web that are asking traders to refrain from this directory. The motive of such false rumors is to dent the image of this directory so that the volume of its business starts declining to let competitors benefit. But, the good thing is that the con artists behind such false rumors have not been able to achieve their evil goals. The directory still retains its market leadership due to the immense faith of traders.

Wholesale Deals has made a place for itself in the highly competitive directory business by offering the best to its customers. In the present scenario, where most directories provide outdated, redundant, and unverified information, this directory is a boon. It contains a database of more than 90,000 verified wholesale suppliers with thousands of live product and dropship deals at any time. The directory has certain criteria for choosing suppliers for its database. Only the suppliers that meet its eligibility criteria are included in its wholesale lists. Once included, a supplier has to maintain the set standards in order to remain in the database.

Product deals advertised through this online platform are usually of hot-selling products that are already selling successfully on leading e-commerce websites. Extensive information is available along with each and every deal to help you know the reselling price of each product and its profit potential, which enables you to pick the right deals and make good profits. Browsing through the huge deals section is easy as the directory has a powerful search option to enable you to list deals according to product category, profit margin, and key word.

For building a successful e-retailing venture, apart from having access to reliable product sources and deals, it is important to have access to market research reports and get insight about how successful online reselling businesses were born and built and how they sustain themselves. Getting all such information and research data is time-consuming and costly. But, when you become a member of, you do not have to worry about such things. You can get all the required information at the trading portal itself.

Wholesale Deals provides you all the resources for starting and running a successful online reselling business at a small cost. This online trading portal has a straightforward fee with no hidden charges. All review posts talking about this directory being involved in scams and frauds are false. It is an honest website that delivers more than what it promises. reviews are largely positive. Few review posts discussing the directory’s involvement in fraud activities have been circulated by con artists for vested interests, and hence, you should avoid paying attention to them.
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