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Residential Real Estate

21st February 2011
By aman in Business Law
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Aim and purpose of this site - to help all who wish to conduct any operation on the residential real estate in the secondary housing market, do it quickly, legally competent and safe. Who is it this site?

- Firstly, to citizens who want to independently complete the purchase, sale, exchange their property.
- Secondly, those who for solving their problems with housing plans to ask the realtor. This site will help you choose among them more than deserving, and to further their own control over their actions. - site information and legal support of real estate transactions , of course, does not claim to be a comprehensive manual on buying and selling real estate and the basics of contract law. However, hopes to provide visitors to this site possible help in resolving the notorious housing problem, and bring its modest contribution to the elimination of legal illiteracy. Contents of this site is in no way are not directed against our esteemed fellow Realtors, most of whom are honest and decent people. On the contrary, try to disclose to the Everyman of the complexity and time consuming, sometimes invisible to the client, working realtor. All the examples on these pages was originally based on the relationship of client-realtor (estate agency estate). If someone from the citizens will decide at their own risk and under its responsibility to address their housing problems themselves, we hope that here he will find a lot of useful information.

Reading online information about EA engaged rental accommodation for the uninitiated man unwittingly the impression of impropriety and the criminalization of all-embracing this type of real estate activity. Why? Try to understand.
Suppose a person wants to rent an apartment or room with the agency. Naturally, he first will look for information on websites, bulletin boards, concrete proposals, the price level to date (and not last year), call the agency to specify the conditions, will determine whether the agency takes a commission on the fact of occupation * ** (but does not declare it), put forward their claims to housing, will speak about his information and will listen to suggestions from the agent, go look suiting options, finding the appropriate, enter into a contract, pay for accommodation, the commission and will dwell there, seeing it as a matter of course. Such an overwhelming majority. They had no idea comes to visit related sites and forums, leaving behind praise. Why? People just did their job.

Write the same basically neinfomirovannye initially or attempting slovchit gentlemen who do not understand (or do not want to understand) that the market price of a one-room in city apartment 22-25000 rubles a month, nobody will hand them an apartment for 10,000 rubles a month, and watering flowers.

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