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MBC Funds: A light of hope in dwindling financial stages of business.

19th February 2011
By Bernie Lemieux in Business Law
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Funds are the backbone of a business and unless there is proper funding having a good business idea or plan does not work out There are many businesses that suffer from some sort of obstruction at some point of the time just because they don’t have sufficient funds. Small businesses usually require major finances at two stages one for setting up the business and the other when working capital is required when the business is in operation. Obtaining capital at acceptable rates is as important for a small business as getting business or customers.

Getting the good start is imperative to sustain a business enterprise. Even a small business needs a strong back up. The most important necessity during the start of a new business is the steady flow of monetary funds. There are times when the requirement of business financing is underestimated by the borrower because the amount required is realized when the borrower is midway through it. It can also be possible that because of sudden hike in the prices of the product or service that is required for the business the borrower would require more finance that the amount predicted.

One needs money for every single step taken towards setting up of a new venture. And that is where exhausting your personal resources to meet all obligatory expenses is not a feasible idea. One can get startup loans in such situations. Small business owners are acutely aware of the difficulty in getting a small business loan from a bank. In the current economy, nine out of ten small business loan applications are declined. The latest statistics from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York show more than 75 percent of small businesses that applied for a loan during the first half of 2010 did not receive the credit they needed. Despite significant government stimulus to banks and lending institutions, small business lending is actually down over the past few years. So why isn’t the banking industry lending to small businesses during a period in our history when it’s absolutely essential? The answer has a lot to do with credit-worthiness.

Generally, the business owners chalk up the refusal to the “bad economy”. The truth is, most owners weren’t adequately prepared to apply for a loan. Business owners should know what is expected of them before they even approach a bank, and they should be aware of what are their loan alternatives. Given in forms of secured and unsecured business loansassists small, medium and large corporations alike. Depending upon the presence or in other word absence of security, one can avail either of the two business loans. Lenders are aware of the fact that a new business venture take time to mature just like a sapling. Therefore, they offer several advantages in addition to meeting your cash needs. Secured business loans give low interest rates, large sum of money depending upon the person’s ability to repay and flexible terms and conditions. On the other side of the coin, the processing time involved in unsecured business loans tends to be less due to lack of evaluation and paperwork related to it. Though, one needs to keep in mind the high rate of interest while availing unsecured business loans.

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