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Paul Rooney Solicitors Offers Practical Advice for steps to take after a Road Traffic Accident

25th August 2010
By hitsearch in Accident claims
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These are the simple steps you need to follow if you are unfortunate enough to be involved with a road traffic accident.

After any sort of Road Traffic Accident you must stop. It is against the law to drive away from a Road Traffic Accident.

As soon as possible afterwards you should exchange details with the other drivers and all other parties involved in the incident. This should include details of any witnesses, no matter whether you think you are not at fault. This is even the case if one of the other parties involved admits responsibility.

Soon afterwards while your memory is still fresh you should try to draw diagrams of the incident in as much detail as possible of not only the accident location but also detail the direction of travel of all vehicles, the position of the witnesses, the speed of vehicles involved and the road layout which would include any road markings.

If you are injured in the accident it is important that you seek medical advice immediately. This is to ensure that you have no serious underlying injury but also the medical records can be used to support you claim for accident compensation.

Never admit responsibility for the accident until you have taken time to consider exactly what has happened. You must do even if another party involved tries to pressurise you into accepting responsibility.

Further measures you should take include keeping a diary of how your injuries are progressing. You should include details of the affects of the accident on your everyday lifestyle and any care that has to be provided by others. Keep a record of the medication you are take and any treatment you are have. It would also a good idea to record when your injuries are at their worst or any severe bouts of pain.

Finally keep the receipts of any expenses you have incurred as a result of the accident happening. These receipts can then form part of future accident claims.

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