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Not started your business yet Whats your excuse this time...

13th January 2011
By Andrews Alzberg in Business Law
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Had enough of your job? Idiot boss getting you down? Maybe it's time to get out and go it alone. I think every office worker must have had the same thought at one point or another. You either make a bid for freedom or resign yourself to cubicle life for the rest of your days.

People are scared of the unknown. They are also risk averse. I guess this is what stops so many people from following their dreams of business ownership. If you've not done it before it's pretty complex too. Most people have no idea when it comes to company formation. But do you know what? That simply doesn't matter any more? Why? Because company formation agents are on hand ready to cut through the red tape and confusing procedures. That's right. They do all the leg work for you to get your company established. That means you don't have to be a lawyer or an accountant or someone with prior business experience.

So maybe it's time to stop hiding behind excuses, now you realise that help is readily available when it comes to company formation. Company formation agents will charge a fee of course, but it's very reasonable and allows you to concentrate on establishing other areas of your business. After all, if you're serious about this there will a tonne of work involved in getting set up. Having an extra pair of hands to take care of a few tasks will be a god send.

So don't just idly sit there daydreaming at your desk in a job you hate. Don't take any more nonsense from your micro managing boss. It's time to act and do something about your current circumstances. Your own business puts you in control. You can run it in the exact opposite way to your current place. No more pointless meetings and stupid decisions. What are you waiting for?

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