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Make a personal injury claim and do your bit for society

02nd November 2010
By Henry James in Law
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As we go through our lives we often fail to appreciate the importance of our health. It is only when we fall ill that we begin to realise how much we miss being well! The same thing happens with injuries. One day we're a little bit careless and the next day we're stuck in doors with crutches wishing we were anyone else. But what if you weren't a little bit careless? What if you were harmed from an accident that you had nothing to do with?

If you've been hurt from an accident that wasn't your fault then it is in your right to take the claim to court. The time off work has probably caused concern for your bank manager with your salary being put on hold. In no way is that fair - why should you pay for something that wasn't your responsibility? To claim back your money and to find the justice you deserve you are going to need to take your case to court.

"Why should I bother making a personal injury claim?"

Compensation: If successful you will receive the money you lost through being out of work. With the credit crunch still very much amongst us it would be foolish to not at least try for this opportunity.

Full Proof: You must have seen the adverts on TV. "No win, no fee". The phrase may sound cliché but if you find the right company, your claim won't cost you anything if it's rejected. You really would have nothing to lose.

Make a difference: Through the study of your case the judge will ensure that the cause of your injury is heavily investigated. If it was a speeding car then speed bumps may be installed. If it's a dodgy ladder then new equipment will be provided. Every step will be taken to ensure that your incident isn't repeated.

"How should I go about putting forward my claim?"

There really are a lot of companies to choose from. My advice would be to find a medico-legal company to fight your case. From lawyers to doctors their team will embellish every type of knowledge needed to bring your case to justice. These companies can even offer expert witness who can enhance the strength of your case through the offering of an expert opinion.

A medico-legal company will also be more experienced in the field of personal injury than regular solicitors. They've probably fought many cases that are similar to yours before and will know the best way to present your claim. They can even help in the rehabilitation of your injury - a medical record that can also be conveniently shown in court.

The most important thing for your claim to achieve, aside from the compensation awarded, is the difference that it can make to society. Your case can help to protect your community/colleagues by ensuring that solid precautions are taken. These precautions will heavily reduce the chance of future accidents of the same nature occurring again.

If you have attained a Personal Injury that wasn't your fault then it is truly in your right to pursue a case against the people concerned - you deserve justice.
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