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10 Things You Need To Know About Professional Negligence Law and Solicitors

01st November 2010
By Mac Anthony in Law
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It is mandatory for any professional to perform the job assigned to him/her to the expected criterion. Sometimes, they fail to provide the level of professionalism expected from them. As a consequence, if you have suffered an irretrievable financial damage, it is necessary to find a solicitor and take action immediately. And this article deals as to how you can go about finding the solicitors.

Things you need to know about professional negligence law and solicitors;

1. Similar to all the other compensation claims, there are time limits within which you are expected to find solicitor and follow the fundamental procedures in order to ensure that you recover from the loss.

2. The first and foremost thing that has to be done in case of professional negligence is to send a letter of claim to that professionalís insurer. Compulsorily, the insurer must reply to the claim within a period of time.

3. Non-litigious approach does not always resolve the case. Hence, you may have to find a solicitor from a reputed law firm that is accomplished in dealing with such cases.

4. It is possible to take action against any professional as you expect a standard performance only because they are more experienced and qualified. At times, the settlements for such compensation claims are too low. This may be due to professional negligence by the solicitor and that can also be claimed to get the entitled settlement.

5. Find a solicitor who is approachable and specialized in professional negligence field. It is important that you feel very comfortable with your Solicitor and he/she must be able to answer in a straight forward manner. Also, the payment options have to be known before beginning to work on the case.

6. Most importantly, you should approach the lawyer as soon as possible and also maintain good records for your solicitors to use. Hence, it helps to build the case patiently while you have ample time to go to the court. But if you find a solicitor who is too slow or inexperienced in this field, there are chances of dismissing your case as a result of procedural failings.

7. Property professionals may value the property that has to be sold or bought incorrectly leading to professional negligence problems. This may result in a great loss of money and it is one of the most common cases. If the structural defects are not spotted, it may lead to damage and unexpected expenses. Claims may also be against architects or builders because of constructing or renovating without official permission. The government may even order to demolish or reconstruct the building as a result.

8. If any company charges excessively without mentioning it in advance you may find a solicitor to sue the professional involved or the company itself. If you think that the charges were unfair and if the company disagrees to discuss the issue with you without litigation, then you have to seek the help of a professional solicitor to get what you deserve.

9. Generally, reputed companies will not let their client to be dissatisfied but at the same time, they will not accept their fault easily. Professionals, their insurers and the company for which they work will make it very hard for the client to claim compensations against them. Hence, seeking an experienced, skilled and reputed solicitor is very important.

10. When the case has been explained to the solicitor, he/she should be able to give an idea about the duration and cost. It is important to learn the strength and weakness of you case to anticipate the result. Although it is impossible to predict the result, it is better to know that things may change.
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