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Kansas Motorcycle Accident Laws – Important Info for Drivers

31st March 2010
By Penelope Stone in Accident claims
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When you are involved in an accident in Kansas there are a few things that must be done such as exchange information with the other driver, call the police to file a report, notify your insurance company and get a copy of the police report when it is ready. Kansas law does not differentiate between a car and a motorcycle in terms of accident laws so both primarily follow the same set of laws. There are other laws that may help protect you as a motorcycle operator or rider.

Safety Helmet, Eye Protection and Mirror Use for Motorcycles

Kansas state law requires that anyone operating or riding a motorcycle under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. Eye protection must be worn unless the motorcycle is equipped with a windscreen or windshield and the motorcycle must have at least one mirror located on the left side of the bike. These things are required by law to help protect the rider and operator of the bike.

Use of Headlights and Signals

It is required by Kansas law that motorcycles use a headlight for all vehicles manufactured during or after 1978. Some vehicles did not come equipped with a headlight before this year. All motorized vehicles must be equipped with at least one brake light and all vehicles manufactured after January 1, 1973 must have electric turn signals.

Operating Motorcycles Two Abreast and Lane Splitting

Two motorcycles may ride side by side in a single lane. However, if this is not agreed to by both parties, not two motorized vehicle may keep another from using the entire lane. A motorcycle may not pass in the same lane that is occupied by the vehicle they are passing nor may they pass between traffic or rows of vehicles.

State Insurance Requirements and State Funded Rider's Education

Kansas minimum insurance limits are as follows:
• $25,000 for single injury accident
• $50,000 for accident where two or more injuries occur
• $10,000 property damage
Kansas also offers a state funded rider's education program for anyone wishing to enroll. This program teaches safety rules as well as in some instances can lower insurance rates for graduates.

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