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Is the change in the American society totally unavaoidable?

12th March 2012
By Jessica Potter in Immigration Law
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America has always been an epitome of a change and development right through the ages. It has always maintained its supremacy among the other world countries, through its powerful economy and rapid growth. Go down the ages, you will find that this country had many immigrants flocking towards its borders. Even now this scenario is unchanged. What does this show? Even if America has changed considerably over the years, people are still entranced by the ‘American Dream’, unmindful of the negative aspects of change.

Draw a comparison and you will get an idea of the present America

America must have undergone a sea change in almost every area, only in the past 50 or 60 years.

America of the past

The country emerged as the Superpower of the world after the Second World War. Employment opportunities were plentiful and people were busy becoming rich. The country was literally crime free, divorce free, debt free, illegals free and was solely concentrating on keeping its hard earned supremacy status.

Life was too simple those days and children were able to enjoy family life greatly.

•Family structure was such that all the members in it were bonded with love and affection, which made them stick together till the end, no matter what happens.
•They all had their meals together, shared household jobs while the man of the house did his role of earning for the family.
•They attended church together, celebrated Christmas together and share their happiness, sorrow together. Remember, it was all TOGETHER.
•Kids happily went to school, which helped shape them into finer individuals and citizens of the US.
•They were taught to love, respect and honor their teachers, fellow students and most importantly their country.
•Parents did not have to fear for the safety of their kids while they were at school
•Divorce was something that was unheard of except in only very rare situations

The technology that was available in those days was merely a sample of the monstrous growth that is being witnessed today. There was no internet those days and the first-ever computers were all mammoth sized ones.

Transition phase

It was a phase in the history of America where everything was heading towards a big change. Immigrants began to pour into the country in large numbers; laws were made strict to keep the situation under control; jobs were being usurped by the immigrants leaving the US citizens jobless.

Immigrants began to help accelerate the US economy by unleashing their technical, scientific and other potentials to the advantage of the country. So this phase was like - America was starting to realize the importance of its immigrant community, which led to a number of new immigration policies. However, it was during this point of time that illegal immigration was just starting to sprout its first ever branches in the country.

America of the present day

The scenario that exists currently is pretty much obvious, in how contrasting it is to that of the past. Not a single day passes without a serious crime being reported, without an illegal immigrant being detained across the borders, without school going kids involving in criminal acts, without an American being jobless for a continuously long period of time.

Why has America turned out to be this? Was all the development and growth intended to bring a negative change to its lifestyle and society? Who is to be blamed for all this? Or is this totally unavoidable when a change is taking place constantly? It is all up to an individual to ponder on these and find out an answer. It is also essential that one has to accept and adapt to the change that is happening constantly.

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