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What to Consider When Applying to Migrate to Australia

04th January 2012
By Paul Rigby in Immigration Law
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Australia known as the land Downunder. The little continent which itself is a country is in no way less to the land mass of the other continents. It has the most spectacular and unique beauties than anywhere in the world.

Australia is known for Mining and one of the world’s largest mineral exporters.

Australia is also known for sports and culture and the climate is very favourable that any International resident can get accustomed to Australia

If you are considering migrating to Australia there are many things to consider. It’s a challenging process to enter the continent where nature has showered its beauty across the country and people live life as it comes.

Before leaving to Australia, it is important to consider the following points:

1. Applying for the right type of visa
2. Including dependents in the application.
3. Time of application.
4. Registered Migration Agent
5. Fluency in English as it is the commonly spoken language
6. Application requirements
7. Your obligations while in Australia

8. The importance of complying with visa conditions

If you are immigrating to Australia, first plan the purpose of your visit and the time you wish to stay in Australia. You will need to make a visa application to obtain a suitable visa, before you can legally enter Australia.

There are a number of agencies to work for processing a valid visa and what you need to do is produce valid documents and co-operate in the clearance. It may take a few months to several years depending on eh particular visa, however, it’s worth the wait.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of Visas based on the purpose and period of stay.

A few of the below will give an overall idea

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa

The ETA visa helps for small trips of Business people or a holiday trip which can be extended up to 3 months.

Tourist Visa

This visa is valid up to 12 months where a person can travel as many times as he wants or stay for the entire period and they do apply charges. Some shorter visas are granted.

Business Visa

This visa is for people who travel for short business visits and approximately a time period of 3 months. Further stay or frequent visits needs to be consulted with the Australian Visa Office.

Student Visa

A Student Visa is determined by the course you choose to study either professional or cultural.

Worker Visa

Worker Visa is determined in various categories such as employers sponsored, professionals, Business, doctors and nurses, seasonal workers, air & sea crew etc.


Family members, returning residents, certificate status.

Employers Visa

Provided by the Australian companies employ the skilled members for their requirement of the company.


Done by the Australia's Humanitarian program for Onshore and Offshore protection of refugees.

Temporary Residence Visas

Mostly applicable for people who come for specific activities such as Film Shoots, Sports, Cultural Programs etc. Australians employment is much considered before the issue of these temporary Visas.

Visa Expiry

Always be cautious about your Visa Period in Australia. If you near your expiry date either leave the country or visit the Immigration Department for help.

The period of stay in Australia is only judged by the Australian Visa and is significant than a stamp in the passport.


Australia is one of the top desired countries flourishing in the Educational Field and boasts of numerous Universities and colleges with larges campuses.

The word academics in Australia stands only half the way to education and the rest with the unique culture and make them prepare for the best student life.

The major advantage of Education in Australia is the housing or boarding. All schools and universities, large or small, have a number of student organisations and clubs. These clubs concentrate more on outdoor activities surfing, rowing, or cycling. Many schools provide with the welcome kit during the orientation.

The campuses are mostly within the campus or very close to the campus. International students should accompany with a roommate, which helps them get connected to successful interactions.

Cost of Living

The life style in Australia is multicultural and the cost of living is quite affordable. A student is allowed to work for 20 hrs for a week, which will give him a handsome pay. As per a small survey an amount of $2000 is roughly enough to run a month.

The Beauty

The things that shouldn’t be missed out in Australia:

- Queensland's Gold Coast Beaches - One of the world's most beautiful beaches for surfing, broadwater, rock pools and extending over 70km of sand.
- Sydney Opera House - The Masterpiece and a symbol of Australia.
- Royal Botanical Gardens – One of the world’s most beautiful gardens
- Sidney Tower's 360 Bar and Dining - 360 Restaurant located 80 stories above Sydney
- Australian Outback - one of the few remaining wilderness areas in the world
- Australian Museum - Australia's oldest museum; also known as the Colonial Museum
- Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – Along with Koalas Australia's native kangaroos, emus, and wallabies.
- Daintree Village – On the banks of Daintree River range from Fishes to crocodile
- Victorian Alps – Most adventurous place to hike the peaks, fish, rock climb, or bike.
- Great Barrier Reef – The world's largest coral reef is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia
Australia takes the pride of its nature and culture. Australia too bids to be proud for its richness.

"The More Contented, the more proud"

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