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Ice Slips - Safety Tips to Prevent Slipping On Ice

15th January 2010
By Jessica Parker in Accident claims
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Freezing weather in the UK will lead to a rise in ice slip compensation claims, say personal injury specialists, as large numbers of people are being injured by slipping on icy, uneven pavements. However, ice slip compensation claims are rarely successful - it's much better to stay as safe as possible on icy pavements to prevent slipping in the first place.

Pedestrians need to take extra care when braving the snow and ice this year - with record snowfall in many parts of the country during the first days of 2010 and a nationwide shortage of salt, more and more people, particularly amongst the elderly, have suffered slipping and tripping accidents while trying to get from place to place.

Since highway authorities have a duty to keep footpaths and roads safe, where there has been a failure in this duty an accident victim may have a right to claim compensation for their injuries. No win no fee compensation claims are therefore likely to become an issue for councils as people who have suffered injuries due to treacherous pavements begin to take steps to make a claim for ice slip compensation.

However, claiming following a slip on the ice is more difficult than you might think, and only in certain cases will a claim like this be successful. Follow these safety tips to help you stay vertical during the cold spell.

How to stay safe on the ice

1) Use appropriate footwear - In icy weather, ladies should leave the heels at home. Ideally, wear boots or shoes with a good grip and strong soles. Shoes with built-in support at the ankles will protect you from potential ankle injuries should you fall.

2) If the icy area is at your own property, use rock salt or even table salt to sprinkle on the affected area. This will melt and loosen the ice.

3) If the ice is not on your own property, you can wet the soles of your shoes and sprinkle salt on them. This should melt some of the ice as you walk and help to prevent slipping.

Should you make an ice slip compensation claim?

Although it is difficult to successfully claim compensation following an ice slip, If you have slipped on ice and have suffered a serious injury as a result which wasn't your fault, it is possible that your local council could be held responsible, depending on whether reasonable safety measures were carried out to prevent people from suffering injuries.

With any slip, trip or fall it's a good idea to take a few photos of the spot on which you slipped or tripped straight after it happens, this will help relevant parties to assess the nature of the problem later on and to remember where the incident took place.

While minor injuries such as small cuts and bruises are unlikely to win compensation, an injury which causes large amounts of pain to the victim, prevents them from working for a period of time or forces them to pay medical expenses is far more likely to lead to a successful claim.
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