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Four Factors That Influence Compensation For Whiplash

21st December 2009
By Gen Wright in Accident claims
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Have you been in an accident? Has it impaired your ability to work or move around like you once could? Every year, millions of citizens around the world struggle with the aftereffects of a violent accident. In many ways, life is never the same once this experience occurs. Time may or may not heal all wounds, but as sure as scar tissue, once an injury has occurred, the affected area is more likely to suffer more down the road. That's why injuries such as whiplash should not be taken lightly. If you have suffered this affliction, you know how difficult it can be to live with. And depending on the situation, you could be entitled to financial restitution for the experience. Here are four factors, which influence compensation for whiplash. You need to be aware of these when seeking a whiplash compensation claim:

Severity of the injury: First things first, you must determine the severity of your injury. There is no single limitation when it comes to how much (or little) you can be awarded. Whiplash is one of those injuries with varying degrees of impairment, and so some cases, depending on severity, may not earn you as much as others. Don't think that just because you qualify you will be receiving a large payout.

Reputation of the attending physician: Compensation for whiplash must survive thorough testing by the courts. Therefore, when you provide information regarding your injuries, make sure that you can trust the reputation of the attending physician, so that the process may move along as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is vital to your success because anywhere there is a payout to be made, there is someone who wants to hold on to those potential expenses and, right or wrong, protect their best interests.

Other successful whiplash claims: Precedent is always of importance when it comes to justifying your requested whiplash claim. The average whiplash compensation claim is approximately 3,500 GBP. This, of course, can be more depending on the severity of your injury. But going by the average whiplash compensation claim is a good benchmark for being able to determine how much your particular claim is likely worth. After all, it is important you are not only honest but also realistic.

Who handles your claim: It is never a good idea to represent yourself when it comes to matters that go before a Judge. You always want someone by your side that has the education, expertise, and, if possible, a proven track record of success in the area of compensation for whiplash. You don't want someone who may or may not have worked on a single case several years ago, but someone that specializes. The law is an ever-changing thing, and it pays to vigilantly change with it. If you are an average citizen trying to live with your injury, chances are poor that you will have the tools and knowledge to best present your case.

Compensation for whiplash is much needed if you have a legitimate claim. It is a difficult thing to live with, and you shouldn't have to. Just make sure you've done your homework and have sought out quality representation.

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