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How to Immigrate to Canada

The land of endless opportunities Canada never fails to surprise one. Whether it is the living standard of its people or condition of law and order, quality of education or healthcare, this North American nation is too good; in fact, better than the best. So is it any wonder many people would just love to immigrate to Canada, provided they get a chance to do so. But it is not really easy to migrate to this stunningly beautiful nation. Certain rules and regulations have to be followed and criteria fulfilled.

How to migrate to Canada
To begin with, talk to a concerned person at the ABHINAV or simply visit the website of citizenship and Immigration Canada. Gather all the tips and information on procedures involving immigration. Ensure that you meet the latest procedure as they are known to change periodically. Discover the likely overall cost of moving to this nation. Learn about the costs involving housing and travel. Make a trip to the nation and engage its citizens to find out what it's actually like out there.

Take a note the costs of living, overall standard of living, besides the everyday expenditure. Look for a full time job and make certain that you may survive on your earnings. In case you are a skilled worker, you may apply for the status of immigration. It needs to be mentioned that diverse guidelines for the various kinds of people wishing to immigrate to the nation exist. Workers who are skilled require a skilled job for one year prior to applying as a skilled worker there.
Fulfill all the requirements related to eligibility. You will receive maximum points of 100 for the various criteria, even while 67 is the passing grade. As you get points for each stage of education you possess, the more highly educated you are, improved is the chance of your moving into this country. You receive points as well provided you have fluency in either English or French or both.

Go through the list of National Occupational Classification, the reason being your profession should be one of the recognized jobs on that list. This is essential in order to make the grade as a skilled worker. The applicants also require a year of full-time work or comparable part-time experience for eligibility points. In addition, in case you have been offered full-time work in the country, get a letter from your company.

Submit the documentation attesting your claims involving you work and educational qualifications. Deposit any application and registration fees. Fill out all compulsory forms. You could wish to employ the services of an immigration consultant to assist you with the application process and to help you understand the various laws.
Also, ensure that you do not have any criminal record. Last but not the least; get a physical check up as you must sail through a screening test of heath to turn up in Canada. It is vital that you are in a good physical shape.
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