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How to File a Personal Injury Case in Florida – Basic Tips

18th March 2010
By ManojG in Personal Injury
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People are injured because of the negligence for others every day in Florida. When this situation arises, many who are harmed are not sure where to turn for help. While every situation that involves negligence, injuries and damages should include advice and guidance from an experienced Florida personal injury attorney, those who find themselves struggling with mounting medical bills, lost income and/or struggle with pain and suffering should keep a few basic tips in mind when considering the pursuit of a legal claim against the party or parties responsible for their injuries.

Gather as Much Evidence as Possible

The first step towards filing a personal injury claim in Florida should involve gathering as much evidence as you can in order to preserve the record of what caused your injuries. If or when you decide to meet with Florida personal injury lawyers, this information will be of great help in providing you with sound recommendations and legal advice.
Examples of what you should attempt to keep and organize includes any medical records and/or medical bills that were a result of the incident in question, any and all documentation and correspondence between you and your insurance company and the names and contact information of any witnesses who may have seen the incident that led to your injuries.

Do Not Provide Statements to Outside Parties

In certain situations, particularly those that involve auto accidents, you will almost certainly hear from insurance adjusters who represent both your insurance company and that of the other driver. When these adjusters contact you to ask for a statement, you would be well-advised to hold off on providing such a statement until you meet with Florida motor vehicle accident lawyers who at the least can help you craft your statement and could even work directly with these other parties should you decide to retain their help.

Contact a Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Overall, if you have been injured by someone else, you are likely dealing with stress and physical pain. At this point, you need to concentrate on your recovery and should not attempt to burden yourself with learning the ins and outs of Florida personal injury law while negotiating with insurance companies and defense attorneys.
Instead, you should contact Florida personal injury lawyers who will meet with you for a free initial consultation so that you can decide whether or not to allow them to handle your claim for you and free you to focus on getting back into your routine. Not only will a Florida personal injury attorney be able to manage your situation for you, but he or she will also be able to gather all of the evidence necessary to build your case.

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