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Surpassing a Facial Injury

15th March 2010
By Mesriani Law Group in Personal Injury
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Face disorders or injuries can affect a person's appearance and induce physical and emotional pain. In a number of cases, it can affect breathing, speech, sight, and the ability in swallowing. Broken bones of the jaw, nose, and cheekbone are some of the typical kinds of facial injuries.

Most of these injuries may be caused by recreational sports like wrestling, soccer, football, and biking or may be a result of an accident like vehicle collisions and slip and falls.

Maxillofacial Injury

Maxillofacial injury is known as facial trauma or maxillofacial trauma. It is any kind of physical trauma inflicted to a person's face. It encompasses any kind injury to the jaw, mouth, and face.

If person is suffering from disorientation, incapacitation, unconsciousness, dizziness, or nausea it is advisable that medical help should be immediately acquired. He or she should not be moved to another location until help arrives. If the following symptoms are absent but the injury sustained is serious and its severity is unknown, the injured person must be taken to the closest hospital emergency room immediately.


One of the most usual kinds of severe injury to a person's face happens when his or her bones are broken. Such fractures can involve the upper jaw, lower jaw, eye sockets, cheekbones, palate, and a mixture of the said bones. Treating it often requires that the injured person must be hospitalized.

The manner wherein it is treated may be the same one that is used in treating a broken leg or arm. Bone parts should be lined up and held in a certain kind of position long enough to give it adequate time to heal.

Meanwhile, if the maxillofacial fracture is extensive or complex, several incisions to expose the bones and a mixture of plating or wiring methods may be required. The repositioning method that will be used by a maxillofacial or oral surgeon will depend on the fracture's severity and location.

Complications after Treatment

Some people are still seen with complications even months after they received treatment for the injuries they sustained in an accident. These complications can be one of the following:

• Diplopia

• Malocclusion

• Esthetic considerations like cheek flatness, nasal irregularity, face asymmetry, and disparity or orbits

• Lack of sensation in teeth

• Nose and cheek numbness

• Facial paralysis

• Growth deformities

• Pain that is caused by the pressure on the sensory nerves

• Insufficient mandible excursion

Having a Successful Case with Help of Attorneys

If you sustained a facial injury due to a serious accident that is caused by another, do not hesitate to seek the professional help of personal injury attorneys. These legal experts can help you in your legal ordeal especially if you want to file a case against the negligent person or party.

To help you pursue claims for facial injuries resulted from a serious accident, consult with our skilled personal injury attorneys. Visit our website and avail of our free case analysis.
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