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How to Choose Best California Personal Injury Lawyer

18th March 2010
By ManojG in Personal Injury
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People are injured every day, and many of these injuries occur because of the negligence or recklessness of another person or entity. When these situations arise, many people are not sure where to turn for help. For many reasons, the best step to take is to seek the help and advice of an experienced California personal injury attorney. Below are a few suggestions to keep in mind as you work towards finding a California injury attorney who will fight to protect and enforce your legal rights.

Research the Professional Background

15 - 20 years ago, it was difficult to look into the past and experience of any California personal injury lawyer. However, with the advent of the Internet, such a process can be completed in minutes. Check to see if a law firm has a Web site. If so, read more about the California injury attorney you're considering contacting. You should also check the California Bar Association's Web site to see if he or she has had any problems in the past.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

When you decide to contact a California personal injury lawyer, pay attention to the details when you initiate that contact, as this is a quality that will matter to you. Specifically, pay attention to how quickly your initial consultation is scheduled and whether or not that initial consultation is free. Most California personal injury attorneys will offer a free initial consultation, and you should not have to take on a financial risk merely to find out if your legal rights need to be enforced.

Ask as Many Questions as You Think are Important

When you arrive for your free initial consultation, remember that this meeting is as much yours as it is the attorney's in terms of what should be discussed. Obviously, and California injury attorney will have many questions regarding the incident that led to your injuries, but you should ask questions as well. Examples of these questions include:

1.How many personal injury cases have you handled?

2.How many of these cases have settled?

3.How many have gone to trial?

4.How many verdicts were issued in your favor?

5.What is your fee arrangement?

These are only example questions, and you should operate under the assumption that there are no ‘bad' questions to ask. Ultimately, you need to make a decision that provides you with confidence and comfort, as choosing the proper California personal injury attorney is an extremely important decision.

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