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High Net Worth Clients, NY Divorce Law Software —and the Recession

21st July 2011
By Easy Soft in Divorce
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As a divorce lawyer in New York, your clientele is likely pretty diverse. Your clients span a range of income brackets. We're guessing a few of yours clients might be of high net worth. These are people who have remained staggeringly wealthy—even throughout this hard-hitting recession.

Here at Easy Soft, we don't think that the extensive assets of these clients ought to complicate your legal practice. We don't think that multiple cars, homes, paintings, and jewelry should make the New York Statement of Net Worth any more complicated than it already is.

That's why we developed our E z Support-NY software with these clients in mind.

It's pretty simple. With E z Support-NY, all of those additional assets (and perhaps liabilities, too) simply get added to the statement of net worth —without having to tack on messy additional pages. Our software expands to accommodate everything. There's no need to break out the calculator, Excel, or exercise acrobatics in math and documentation. EzSupport-NY keeps all assets right at your fingertips.

You can add as many of the following as you need:

•  Businesses. The software will itemize everything from capitalization to income.

•  Vacation homes

•  Checking accounts

•  Savings accounts

•  Investment accounts

•  Precious metals, and other holdings

•  Expenses—in all categories

•  And so forth.

They are rich in assets. And our software is more than ready for them.

As with all of our software, our new EzSupport NY ( divorce law software ) captures all of the case information at the outset. That means that you only have to enter new information once . As with most of our family law software , using Easy Soft is like using a NY child support calculator. New York state forms are inclusive, too—along with technical support, educational training, and certain practice customizations. As with all of our legal software, click the built-in timekeeper to keep track of your billable hours.

To learn more about our NY State divorce law software, call Easy Soft at 800-905-7638.

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Easy Soft specializes in helping law firms automate their processes with legal software. Easy Soft has automated software solutions for virtually every practice area, from case management, document assembly and time & billing, to debt collection, amortization and new york no fault divorce.

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