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05th October 2010
By Tikee Pittman in Personal Injury
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There are other forms of nursing home negligence besides the ones that involve abusive staff. There are a variety of ways to prove negligence. These may not be known by most people, but after consultation with a lawyer, these cases can become quite clear. Negligence is when a contract of civil duty is broken and an injury is the result. The injury can be to the body, mind or emotion. It can come in the form of an incautious employee or an unsafe environment.
When an employee is not abusive, but is just unaware or refuses to help this is a form of negligence. An employee of the nursing home doesnít have to be physically or emotionally abusive to be proven as negligent. If a resident were to hurt themselves because the staff member wasnít pay close enough attention to what the resident was doing, this can be a case of negligence. If an elderly resident falls and a staff member walks by without doing anything to help, this is a form of negligence. The staff member may say that the resident isnít their responsibility or wasnít assigned to them, but this can still be a form of negligence especially if the resident is injured in some way.

The family members and loved ones that place their elderly into these homes should be aware of the rights of those staying in the nursing home, and the laws that staff members are held to follow. This knowledge can help increase the safety of the ones that live in the homes. Knowledge is extremely powerful, and it can be helpful in times where negligence may occur. This is knowledge that is easily obtained with a simple call to a personal injury lawyer. The consultations are free, and the information that will be received is worth more than can be imagined.

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