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The Forms of Negligence

05th October 2010
By Tikee Pittman in Personal Injury
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Having family and loved ones in a nursing home can become a worrisome endeavor. Are they kept safe? Are they getting the proper care they need? How can you be sure they’re living comfortably? It is not always the case that the elderly are being abused when staying at a nursing home. Many live comfortable and happy lives. They are well taken care of and have plenty of things to occupy their time. However, sometimes things can happen that are less than professional.
Negligence can come in a variety of forms. Whether the abuse is physical and the nurses are hitting the residents, emotional and nurses are yelling at and calling the residents names, or the nurses just aren’t paying close enough attention, neglect is neglect and the injured party deserves to have the situation taken care of and compensated for their injuries. Physical and emotional abuse are obvious causes to hire a lawyer and receive justice and compensation for all wrongs done, but how far does neglect carry a case. If an elderly resident of a nursing home requires more care and attention than others, it is the responsibility of the staff and management to be aware of these conditions and to respond to them accordingly.

For instance, if a staff member of the nursing home begins a conversation with another employee and neither are paying attention to the resident, if that resident were to fall and injure themselves in some way, compensation could possibly be granted. It is always a good idea to consult a lawyer about the laws of negligence and personal injury. Their words may be surprising and a claim may be discovered where a victim may have been unaware of their rights to protection over negligence.

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