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Get a Permanent Residency with the Green Card Lottery

23rd May 2010
By Usafis in Immigration Law
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A permanent resident card of United States also known as Greencard or immigrant card is an identification card assigned to a foreigner as a permanent resident proof of resident in United States of America. With this valid proof, a card holder is granted benefits of immigration including the authorization to stay in United States permanently and work as well. The status of permanent resident of United States can be taken back from the green card holder if certain criteria to hold this status are not met.

Initially, green cards were issued by the Immigration and naturalization service or INS, but during the process of re-organization, Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration service of Department of Homeland security, replaced and absorbed it. Soon after re- organization bureau of citizenship and immigration services was renamed to United States citizenship and immigration services, which retains the authority of issuing green cards to foreign nationals. After the completion of five years of its stay in United States of America, a foreigner is eligible to apply for the Green card. If he/ she are married to a citizen of United States citizen then this time period is shortened to three years. It can also be reduced to four years if a foreigner is in an asylum. Citizens are given special privileges and rights than permanent residents. A foreigner who has applied for the green card can acquire two important documents or permits, if a certain stage or time has passed in processing the green card. The first one is an employment authorization document which is also known as the temporary work permit which authorizes a foreigner to work in United States. The other one is temporary travel document which permits him to enter United States

Green Card Lottery
Each year around more than fifty thousand immigrant visas are issued through diversity visa program, which is popularly known as Green card lottery. The winners of this lottery are eligible to apply for the permanent residence. They can also file the permanent resident status for their unmarried children under 21 years of age and spouse.

Fraud with green card lottery
There are many scams associated with green card lotteries. Some fraudulent agencies charge some money from applicants to submit the application form on their behalf. They usually charge a fee of around $150-200. It is just the waste of money and time. There is no charge for submitting an application it is free of charge.

There are many websites which provide help in filling up the application form.
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