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Free web hosting is it good or Bad?

05th April 2011
By shilpa dws in Internet Law
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It is always important for you to have a good web host for your website. For this many of us go on an extensive search on Google, Yahoo!, and so on and here you would find many web hosting companies some of which are paid and some are free. Once you have got the names of the web hosting companies, now it is up to you to decide whether you should go for free web hosting or not. Most of us wonder whether free web hosting is good or bad. To have a clear idea about it you need to check out the pros and cons of free web hosting.
If you have just started a website of your own, then the most important thing for you is to save money. That is the primary reason for many of us opting for free web hosting. This is the best bet for you if you have a limited budget and still want a web hosting service providing good features. Thus, initially you could start off with a free web hosting service and then later on upgrade to a paid web hosting service having more features. The features provided by paid web hosting companies are not available in the packages of free web hosting companies. These additional features would often save your money as well as your time too. Those of you who want to have an e-commerce website or a social networking site, for them free web hosting is always a bad option. The reason is you would never get enough disk space and technical support that are required for maintaining such websites. Even if you host it on a free hosting then you would find that after some time you have to search for a paid hosting site so that your website do not face downtime.

Another feature that makes free hosting not a good choice for big websites is that in paid hosting you would have more control over your website contend as well as your website. The free hosting companies would put advertisements on your website since they are not taking any money from you. You are not able to remove these advertisements from your website. You would never face such advertisements if you choose a paid web hosting service. Thus your website remains clutter free.
A huge problem with free hosting is that you are never offered a unique domain name. It is an important feature with paid hosting where you are provided a unique domain name. A domain name followed by the name of the website makes you look professional to your visitors.

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