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Finding More about Canadian Immigration & Visas

Reports suggest that, under the highly successful and famed Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Immigration programme of the government of the country, more than 200,000 immigrants make a move to the nation from practically all over the world, every year. And this makes the country one of the leading destinations for the purpose of migration.

What makes Canada one of the most sought after places for the immigration purposes? The nation offers excellent living conditions and a healthcare system which is truly remarkable and something to go to town with. The immigration policies of the country are also quite flexible and relatively easy to follow enabling those wishing to immigrate to it realize their dreams, and get a visa for the immigration purposes. Excellent law and order is yet another USP of Canada which inspires people to migrate to it.

Taking a decision to migrate to this beautiful nation is an important step for those who believe in realizing their cherished dream. Skilled worker category is a very famous visa programme and tailor-made for those who have high levels of experience and skills in their chosen fields. Canadian immigration also includes a special visa category for those who come under the business category. It is worth mentioning that Canada Immigration also allows the province of Quebec to choose immigrants according to its own specific requirements.

Besides, 40% of the annual immigration to the nation is under the programs of refugee and family reunion. According to Statistics Canada, immigrants to the nation manage to keep their mother tongue mainly due to the excellent immigration policy of the country, which is family-focused. Lately, the immigration processing time for the country has become a lot fast also -- thanks to the sustained efforts of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). This immigration organization has made this possible via a chain of crucial changes over the past couple of years.

Previously, it took a rather long time to get a visa for the nation. In fact, it took several years to get a visa for Canada for the immigration purposes. But, thanks to the efforts made by the CIC, things have improved and now the waiting time has seen a significant dip. And, this has further boosted the appeal of the country and inspired a large number of migrants, more so from India, to choose Canada as their adopted homes, and make serious attempts to migrate to it.

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