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08th December 2010
By Frank Chen in Copyright & Trademark
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In this piece I'll explain how to multiply your social media efforts by making your blog or products or whatever the social media promoting nucleus. There is good suggestions out there. Most likely as well much. So permit me just touch on some basics. The concept is to think of the blog or internet site as the central part of one's social media campaign as part of your other social media marketing components (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) visibly gathered close to it. Should you patent? We'll get to that.

Here's how to begin.

Theme it!
First, give your blog a clear theme. Once targeted visitors occur for your blog, they need to know right away what the blog is about. Communicating the theme visibly in the header on the blog, the title, or under the "about" section of your blog to assist targeted traffic "get it". This creates articles or blog posts expectations clear and aid your visitor anticipate what is there. A clear theme also helps blog writers to your organization focus on what to write about. Here are two examples:

An awesome theme defines your focus and can be reiterated across other social media outlets like Facebook (for pages and groups) along with what's communicated inside a Twitter bio. As soon as your the theme is clearly mapped out -- and focused on your reader's needs, not your company's greatness -- it provides a "mental compass," giving targeted traffic a reason to arrive back and re-engage with you.

Link it!
Once you have established your blog as your base for concept leadership plus a rich source of content within your field, now employ the following "link, link, link and sync" procedure to amplify your blog content articles throughout other social media.

Be certain your social media icons are really visible on your blog -- link to them. Do you have a Facebook document or group? Do you've a Twitter account? Are you or your business on LinkedIn? YouTube? BlogTalkRadio? Flickr? If so, show! These icons (or widgets in geek-speak), aid increase your connections across all social media platforms and give your traffic alternatives as to how they engage with you.

It takes an average of seven touches to acquire a sale. Why not tap the power of one's blog to connect your targeted traffic and then and continue to connect them throughout other media. The following are some examples:

Protect your product
Remember, you want to remain on top from the competition. You desire to protect your ideas or products, or inventions. You need to have all this squared away. Get more information on how to file a patent application or how to get a patent online from a trusted source!

Best of Luck Guys and Gals!

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