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Contributing Factors towards the Cost of a Divorce

13th July 2010
By amnorge in Divorce
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The average cost of a divorce is very difficult to calculate. There is no real definitive answer as to how much a divorce will cost as there are so many contributing factors. These include personal finances, the type of divorce, children, and any assets the ex-couple may share.

The technicalities of the divorce cost around £350; approximately £50 for a divorce petition and £50 for the decree absolute (the legal finalisation of the divorce). So a divorce can be cheap, but there are many other complexities that drive up the costs of many divorces.

One of the major costs is the solicitor's fees. Whatever the nature of your divorce it is always advisable to hire family law solicitors - if anything just to make sure things run smoothly. The fees can be extremely varied. Some charge more than others and the type of solicitors you will need will depend on your circumstances and the circumstances of your divorce. It is wise to choose a solicitor who has experience of dealing with similar situations as you find yourself in. So whether or not children or property are involved may influence the solicitor you choose are therefore effect the cost. The complexity of you situation will determine the number of hours your solicitor will need to spend on the case and as many solicitors charge by the hour this will be another cost factor. Some divorce solicitors take care of a divorce for a set price, although the price is again determined by your circumstances.

An uncontested divorce is cheaper than a contested one. If both parties agree that a divorce is necessary then it is much easier for them to work together to come to an agreement. It also speeds up the divorce. Whether or not divorce proceedings go to court is an important factor when it comes to costs. It could cost significantly more if you have to go through court and the longer it goes on for the more it will cost. This is partly because the time of the divorce affects the solicitor's fees. It is therefore in your financial interest for the divorce and related issues to not be decided in a court room. Of course in certain circumstances this may not be avoidable.

How the legal fees are being split between you and your ex-partner are another contributor to how much the divorce will cost you. Some couples agree that one or the other will pay (especially common if one is working and one it not) or that it will be split or each pay their own part. This can, in some situations, be ordered by a court.

Children are not only an emotional issue during a divorce, but also potentially a costly one. Both parents may want custody of children leading to legal battles and driving the cost up. This is a very important issue to many so parents are often willing to spend to make it as sure as possible that they will get custody. Like children, assets such as property can involve disagreements and court battles and therefore drive the costs of the divorce higher.

There are many figures that have been given for the average divorce in the UK. Figures have suggested that the average costs is anywhere between £8,000 and £28,000. Averages include the extreme highs though, so for most people it will not be as high as it seems. Divorces can be relatively cheap but can also be very expensive; it all comes down to the many factors that contribute towards the individual circumstances of those involved.

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